Bone Intensifier

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  •  Calcium builds strong bones, but vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. That's why postmenopausal women need 1,200 milligrams calcium and at least 400 IU to 600 IU vitamin D daily for better bone health. Most American women get less than 500 milligrams of calcium in their daily diet. "Sun exposure helps produce vitamin D, but as we get older, our skin is not as efficient at making vitamin D. Also, if we're careful to use sunscreen, we're at risk of having low vitamin D level."(ref: Web MD)
  • Calcium carbonate must be taken with food for the body to absorb it. Many women have side effects from calcium carbonate -- gastrointestinal upset, gassiness, and constipation. Calcium citrate is generally well tolerated, and can be taken without food. You might need to take more than one pill to get the recommended dosage, so take them at separate times -- to help your body absorb the calcium. If you take more than about 500 milligrams of calcium at one time your body will simply pass it as waste. Calcium in Bone Intensifier comes from a combination of carbonate and citrate at 400 mg per tablet to be taken at three separate times per day.
  • Most calcium pills -- and most multivitamins -- contain vitamin D. However, you can get vitamin D in food (fortified dairy products, egg yolks, saltwater fish like tuna, and liver). Research suggests that vitamin D3 supplements may be a little bit better absorbed and retained than Vitamin D2.
  • Though often touted as a way to strengthen bones, taking vitamin K for osteopenia does not protect postmenopausal women from age-related declines in bone density; however, it may help them avoid fractures or cancers. The findings relating to fracture and cancer avoidance were "unexpected," says Angela Cheung, MD, of Toronto's University Health Network and lead author of the study.(ref: Web MD
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  • Serving size: 3 Tablets per day to be taken separately with food