Dosage Forms

Hard Shell Capsules

Many consumers prefer to take their vitamins and food supplements in two-piece hard shell capsules that are available. Markovit manufactures many of its products in the following hard shell capsules.

  • Bovine transparent gelatin (halal and kosher certified)
  • One color opaque gelatin capsule (bovine-halal)
  • Bi-color gelatin capsules (bovine)
  • Vegi-Capsules (halal and kosher certified)

Sizes available:  “0”, “00”, “0” Elongated, “00” Elongated,   “1”, “2” “4” “000”


Markovitoffers products in tablets and caplets of many different sizes and shapes. The size and shape of a tablet varies as it depends on the individual weight of the tablet or caplet. The various shapes are round, oval, football shaped, oblong, animal shaped, large wafers (mostly for animals) etc. We can make tablets with a score on one side of the tablet. The piece weight of the tablet ranges between 250 mg to 3500 mg.

Tablets are given various coatings to make them durable and to look presentable to the consumer. From the simple food glazed coating to the complicated enteric coating, we have done it all.
We can give the tablets/caplets any type of color coating too. All one has to do is to select the color from the Pantone color chart and use the Pantone code number. We do the rest. All colors used are FDA approved food grade colors. For our overseas customers we choose only those colorants that are approved in their respective countries. For example, for EU, we will only use the colorants that are approved by EU regulations.

Soft gels

A soft gel capsule is a one-piece, hermetically sealed soft gelatin shell containing a liquid, a suspension or a semi-solid; referred to as a fill. The soft gel shell is usually comprised of a firm-forming material such as gelatin, and a water-dispersible or water soluble plasticizer (to impart flexibility). The soft gel shell could also include minor additives such as coloring agents, flavors, sweeteners, medications and preservatives.

Soft gel capsule is known to have several advantages to the customer and is, perhaps the best dosage form that maintains uniformity and greater stability than tablets and two piece hard shell capsules.

Soft gels are increasingly sought out as the choice delivery system for vitamins and supplements today. They are easier to swallow, and are preferred because they don’t taste bad like some tablets, liquids and capsules do. They have an elegant appearance, readily dissolve in the gastric juices of the digestive tract, and they may enhance the bioavailability of the active ingredient.

Soft gels also come in various sizes and shapes, which depends (like the tablets) on the piece weight/total ingredient in it. They can also be made in any color and most paste products are given a color coating.

Markovit handles many products that come exclusively in soft gel dosage forms. For example, omega-3 fish oil, Evening Primrose oil, Vitamins E, Flax seed oil etc. We also handle many paste products such as Saw Palmetto extracts, Lutein, Beta Carotene, Coenzyme Q10, and Calcium etc.


The most popular chewable are for children although there are many products for adults also.  Markovit makes them in various shapes and sizes, specifically designed to meet the taste and  look that children yearn for. They come in various flavors (strawberry, grape, orange, lemon, tropical fruit, mixed berry). All chewable are flavored whether they are children or for adults.

We also offer a line of Pet chewable products that are becoming increasingly popular

Gummy products

A new line of tasty gummy product isnow being offered for children. Most of them are pectin based formulas and as such there are no religious barriers. Products that come in gummy form are Multivitamin and Minerals, Vitamin C, Omega 3, and Calcium. All come in different flavors that children simply cannot resist.