• Manufacturing of dietary supplements may seem to be a simple exercise to most people. It is, however, a complex one that begins with the ability to source the right ingredient and then channel it through a multiple number of units that service each other efficiently and diligently to produce a quality product. The entire basis of manufacturing is focused on quality and efficiency.
  • All products under the Markovit brand are manufactured in compliance with cGMP guidelines enumerated in 21CFR Part 111 mandated by FDA.
  • The manufacturing process involves various steps that begin with the acquisition of high quality ingredients, the sourcing of which goes a strict process control. Only pre-qualified suppliers are allowed to sell ingredients for Markovit’s products, all of which are tested for purity and safety prior to its use. Each batch of finished product is also tested under stringent quality controls for purity and safety before it is released for distribution.
  • In house state of the art laboratory facility ensures accurate and complete analysis of the ingredients as well as
    thefinished product. At times, batches are also sent to qualified industry recognized independent laboratories to ensure that all products meet label claims.