Children's Health

If you are like most kids, you’ve probably heard at least one parent say, “Don’t forget your vitamin!” “Eat your salad – it’s packed with vitamins!”
Vitamins and minerals are substances that are found in foods we eat. Your body needs to work properly, so you grow and develop just like you should. When it comes to vitamins each one has special role to play. For example:
• Vitamin D in milk helps your bones.
• Vitamin A in carrots helps you see at night.
• Vitamin C in oranges helps your body heal if you get a cut.
• B vitamins in leafy green vegetables help your body to make protein and energy.

There is a lot of discussion these days about fit kids. People who care (parents, doctors, teachers and others) want to know how to help kids to stay fit. Being fit is a way of saying a person eats well, gets a lot of physical activity, and has a healthy weight. If you are fit, your body works well, feels good, and can do all the things you want to do, like run around with your friends.
Here are some steps the children can take.
• Eat healthy meals containing a variety of foods, specially fruits and vegetables.
• Drink water and milk most often. Stay away from carbonated drinks as much as possible.
• Listen to your body. When your body is full you will get the feeling. Sometimes people eat too much because they don’t notice when their stomach is full and they need to stop eating.
• Limit your screen time. This is the amount of time you spend watching TV, DVDs and Videos, playing handheld computer games and using the computer.
• Be active. One job you have as a kid is to figure out which activities you like best. This job is a fun one. Find ways to be active everyday.